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WebFile is the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission's online portal to electronic records. WebFile allows certain roles to manage records and take care of key transactions online. Specific WebFile functions allow:

  • Claimants to view claim information and transaction history on a claim, verify which Claim Administrator is handling their claim, and file a Claim for Benefits and a Request for Hearing online (vs. on paper).
  • Attorneys to note representation of parties and review the documents filed in all cases where their representation is noted. Attorneys can also file pleadings, correspondence and other documents in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, WebFile allows attorneys to view upcoming hearings and mediations as well as receive email notifications when filings are made in their represented cases.
  • Claim Administrators to view all claims that they are currently a party to in our system. Within these claim records they can view the information that we have listed in our system, and upload documents that pertain to the claim as well as complete web form versions of the 20 Day Order Response and Employer’s Application for Hearing.
  • PEOs to register in Virginia and to perform all filing requirements due to the Commission. A PEO must be registered prior to providing PEO services in Virginia. A PEO is required to timely file via WebFile all client registrations, workers’ compensation insurance, client terminations and to annually report.
  • GSIAs to register and perform all filing requirements due to the Commission for GSIAs. Filing requirements include registering as a GSIA, registering members, registering workers’ compensation insurance and insurance information and annually reporting.

WebFile Access

  • Claimants can register for WebFile access through the "Claimant Registration" link at the top of this page.
    Injured workers have a duty to disclose their current residential address to the Commission and to report any changes of address as they may occur. Failure by an injured worker to do so may adversely impact the injured worker's receipt of compensation benefits. Please call the Commission at 1-877-664-2566 for assistance with updating addresses.
  • Claim Administrators must request WebFile access through their organization's WebFile Site Administrator. The Claim Administrator organization must be an approved trading partner with the Commission before WebFile access can be granted. Please see the Electronic Data Interchange - Quality Assurance page of the Commission's website for more information regarding becoming a trading partner with the Commission. To register as a WebFile Site Administrator for a Claim Administrator, send an email to including the name of the organization, the WebFile Site Administrator's name and email address, and all FEINs used by the organization to file claims with the Commission.
  • Attorneys must request WebFile access through their firm's WebFile Site Administrator.To register as a WebFile Site Administrator for a law firm, complete the Attorney Registration Form and submit to
  • PEOs may request WebFile access by completing the PEO WebFile Access Request Form and submitting it to
  • GSIAs may request WebFile access via e-mail to A GSIA may request WebFile access for up to two users. Please note when requesting user access that all users that obtain access will receive all notices generated by the Commission for that GSIA.

WebFile Support

WebFile users should contact WebFile support for questions pertaining directly to WebFile accounts, transactions, and errors. General questions about claims, filings, and workers' compensation issues should be addressed by calling the Commission at 1-877-664-2566 or emailing

WebFile Technical Requirements

We recognize that our users may have various Internet Browsers and Operating Systems or devices. We like our visitors to have the best possible experience when using our WebFile application. The Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission recommends Google Chrome for best results or any other modern web browsers with HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility.

NOTE: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and still encounter problems, please verify that your browser is not operating in Compatibility Mode. For instructions on how to disable Compatibility Mode, Click Here.

WebFile Links

VWC Website

WebFile For All Parties:
  * Click here to reset your WebFile password
  * Create WebFile Username
  * WebFile Terms and Conditions
  * Alternative Dispute Resolution

WebFile For Claimants:
  * Click here to reset your WebFile password
  * Create WebFile Username
  * WebFile Guide for Claimants

WebFile For Attorneys:
  * Click here to reset your WebFile password
  * Create WebFile Username
  * Paperless Option
  * Welcome to WebFile for Attorneys
  * WebFile Guide for Attorneys
  * WebFile Guide for Attorney Site Administrators
  * Attorney Registration Form
  * WebFile Practice Tips for Attorneys

WebFile For Claim Administrators:
  * Click here to reset your WebFile password
  * Create WebFile Username
  * WebFile Guide for Claim Administrators

WebFile For Professional Employer Organizations:
  * Click here to reset your WebFile password
  * Create WebFile Username
  * WebFile Guide for PEOs
  * PEO WebFile Access Request

WebFile For Group Self-Insurance Associations:
  * Click here to reset your WebFile password
  * Create WebFile Username
  * WebFile Guide for GSIAs

WebFile Attorney Tutorials
  * Welcome to WebFile
  * Setting up Attorneys
  * Resetting Passwords
  * Filing a Claim for Benefits
  * Searching JCN's
  * Viewing the Record
  * Noting Representation
  * Creating PDFs
  * Uploading Filings
  * Uploading Medical Records
  * Scheduled Hearings and Primary Attorneys
  * Email Notices
  * Unreported Accidents and Unique Representation Scenarios

Pre-Hearing Orders:
  * Pre-Hearing Motions Order
  * Pre-Hearing Statement Order - Medical Care Provider's Application
  * Pre-Hearing Statement Order - Claimant's Claim
  * Pre-Hearing Statement Order - Employer's Application
  * Pre-Hearing Statement Order - Claimant's Claim and Employer's Application

WebFile Access